Merit Scholarships  
 What is a Merit Scholarship?
Merit Scholarships are one of the best scholarships to aim for. Students can receive merit scholarships for good grades and high test scores. ... Merit aid is a form of college financial aid that does not consider a student's financial need, but rather is awarded based on academic, athletic, artistic or special-interest merit. Its important to know that most colleges offer Merit Scholarships and you may already qualify but you must submit your college application before the colleges Merit Scholarship deadline. Some colleges consider students based on their college application but some may require a separate application. 
Bright Futures
Bright Futures is also a Merit Scholarship offered to Florida residents. You must complete the Florida Financial Aid Appication (FFAA) for Bright Futures & other State Scholarship and Grant Programs! 


Some Merit scholarship deadlines are BEFORE the College's Application deadline & some Colleges require a separate application for Merit Scholarships! Focus on Merit Scholarships between August - December when doing your college applications because most of them have deadlines.

Click on the college's link to find out their deadlines and scholarships offered: